Social up liftment for women

Happy womens day for ever. Let all living beings be happy. All good things are done by women.Like wise all the bad things are eleminated & erdicated by women. In this occassions we shall pray Arulperumjyothi & on behalf of ssp alumni committee & wishes for all women in the universe for good health for ever. We will take pledge that dowry exists in any form to be eradicated. either as bride or bridegroom we will not give or receive dowry.We will promote & protect Girl child birth and growth.Equal rights for women in property, they are eligible. After marriage bridegroom should live in mother-inlaw house as per sindu samavali civilzation. The value of humans lies without hurting any Transgenders.

V.S.Thamizhselvan,Chief coordinating asssistant &


Diamond jubliee on saturday 14.03.2020

we have decided to conduct diamond jubliee megagettogather on 14th March 2020 , Saturday at puttur interested SSP alumni can give communication and ensure the presence to conduct SSP alumni gettogather effectively

V S Thamizhselvan, Chief coordinating assistant SS


Govt srinivasa subbaraya poytchnic

present SSP principal got permission from DOTE for conducting diamond jubliee function on 14th march 2020 Saturday and communicated to alumni committee

V.Sridharan, president, R.Muralidharan, secretary,